About Me


Steve Summerford is an urban designer / licensed landscape architect and a LEED Accredited Professional with the USGBC. After studying architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture at the University of Florida, he received a degree with highest honors in Landscape Architecture from the College of Design, Construction, and Planning. During the last decade, Steve has been involved with designing and managing large international developments, urban design projects, resorts, campuses, large communities, as well as designing entirely new cities worldwide.

With diverse interests in several areas, Steve also studied film music composition with an Emmy-winning composer while attending the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring College, a two-year study program that resulted in several original music compositions and live performances.

Contribution to Icarus Interstellar:

Steve’s passion for astronomy and the exploration of deep space aligned well with his professional experience, and ultimately led to opportunities to work with Icarus Interstellar on solving problems associated with interstellar human spaceflight and the ultimate colonization of other terrestrial planets. Steve presently holds a continuing research and designer position with the organization, working closely with team members from Project Icarus and Project Hyperion.

Feel free to CONTACT me if you have any questions or comments.